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Jay Geisenheimer
phone: 818-469-5473
fax: 818-841-7618

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The Rancho Review Board was created in 1993 over the Dincara Development with a zone amendment permitting the Community Development Director to appoint the members. They appointed longtime Rancho homeowners who represented their neighbors feelings and opinions about the commercial properties in the Rancho. After the Dincara project nothing happened until 2006 with the Whole Foods project on Main and ALameda. At that time all the members had moved on and so the CDD sent a postcard to the Rancho homeowners asking neighbors to apply to the new Board. 100 applied and 10 were chosen. Currently there are 4 members of the Board and the CDD is currently accepting requests and will soon announce the names of the neighbors who will fill the vacant seats. It most likely will be a 7 member board now. Prior to May 24th we were not a Board as that is a misnomer. We met as individuals with developers [Tom Davies with Whole Foods and Tom Zanic with NUWI who purchased and sold the General Motors property.] We were not under any rules or regulations. As of May 24th that all changed as the CDD called a meeting of the Board and the public to discuss the issues that are facing the Rancho. At that meeting we were read the Browns Act. Now we will meet only as a board. We will be a public meeting and all neighbors can come to the meetings and ask questions and hear about what is before the Rancho. Some of the issues we are facing are: The ADUs Accessory Dwelling Units mandated by the state and currently not allowed in the R1H zone. The development at 820 South Mariposa. The possible development of Pickwick. These are very big issues. It is my hope that neighbors will come to our meetings and ask and learn about what is before us. Scheduled meetings can be found on the Burbank website:
www.Burbankca.gov. Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting. OR call me if you have any questions.
-Jay & Casanova

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