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Festival Casanova

Festival  Casanova

Immortal Command x Festival Gypsy

17 year old American Morgan Gelding

Casanova is a World Champion Western Pleasure Horse. I have owned him for 10 years and have shown him with much success and many blue ribbons [First Place]. We have shown at shows at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Santa Barbara, and Pomona. Casanova and I are showing as well in Western Dressage [Cowboy Dressage] and won the Championship at the big Morgan Regional in Santa Barbara in 2009 where we beat some very important western Morgans.
Casanova is an extremely talented horse. He is very quiet and calm, intelligent and very sensitive.  I look forward to a long and successful show career with him.
Casanova lives at my house in the Burbank Rancho where he has his own house and yard to hang out.



Many people ask me about what happened to LaBelle.  I rode her Sunday nite and put her to bed for the nite. She was fine. I woke up at 4AM i do not know why, and then went right out to the barn, i do not know why. She was in trouble. I realized she was colicing for the first time ever in her life.  I walked her but she didn't feel better, I then called the vet. He came and gave her the colic treatment but it did not help. he said she had to go to the hospitol. i called the hauler and we went to Somis, but by then it was too late and she could not be saved. I had her cremated and she was home again within 10 days. It was a terrible experience and a huge loss. I had LaBelle 15 years and she changed my life from a city slicker to who I am today, including my life in the Rancho!  Many neighbors came to my house and made a memorial at the barn gate. Lots of flowers and plants in her memory. I even received a letter from a 10 year old girl who wrote me about how she grew up to LaBelle by visiting her at her gate every day. It was all very important to me. And that is how I knew she would live on in the hearts of many for a long time to come.  Even today young ones pass by the gate and call to LaBelle and think Casanova is still LaBelle.  Only in the Rancho does this kind of comraderie come to happen.  One neighbor commented that PEOPLE do not get this kind of attention!!!! And so I continue my horse world with Festival Casanova who brings me new joy and a new project to fill my time.  But nothing will replace LaBelle, a highly thought of and respected horse. 

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