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About the Burbank/Glendale Rancho

Are you looking for a little bit of Heaven right here on earth? Then search no longer because you have found it right here in the Rancho.  There are 800 homes in the Burbank/Glendale Rancho all zoned R1H which allows horses on the property. Most homes have dogs in the yard but here in the Rancho many people have dogs and horses.  It is quite amusing to see horses in the backyard! Of course there are codes for setbacks and structures for the horse property. But the rural and small town aura of the Rancho cannot be beat in such a large city.  Horses in the streets, hay deliveries and cowboy hats galore are the usual sites in the Rancho.  It is truly a vacation when you come home to this unique equestrian neighborhood.

The horse trails are no farther than a couple of blocks from every home. You arrive at the swinging bridge and when you cross that you have entered the 4800 acre Griffith Park, the largest park in any American city. There are 54 miles of horse trails and some of the best riding in all of Southern California. Once you enter the park on horseback it is hard to believe you are in such a large city as the noise and city streets are left behind. You can take an hour ride or an 8 hour ride, the Park has it all. Even if you take a solitary ride you will encounter a neighbor sooner or later!  Many people picnic in various locals such as Bronson caves, Hollywood sign, or some of the numerous equestrian picnic areas.

Not only do we have Griffith Park in our back yard but we also are lucky to have The Los Angeles Equestrian Center.This facility is one of the 2 largest in the USA and has hosted such wordly events as The World Cup Dressage. There are over 50 unique horse shows and events every year such as the William Shatner Hollywood Reigning Charity, The Festival of the Spanish Horse, and Equestfest [all the horse entrants of the Rose Parade perform at the LAEC].  If you are a horse enthusiast you must see one of the many horse shows at the Center. There are truly beautiful animals right here in our backyard.

If you are interested in horse property in the Rancho, you will see many older 1938 homes. Many have been upgraded and greatly improved but most all retain the old charm. There are 6300 square foot lots all the way up to 23,000 square foot lots. Depending on your lot size is how many horses you may have. Prices in the Rancho are any where from $75,000 plus more to have  the horse zoning than right accross the street to have the comparable property without the zoning. You can well imagine the comraderie and unity of the neighbors in the Rancho, who can organize at the snap of a finger in face of adversity!  We beat the threat of the Glendale/Burbank interceptor sewer, the mountain bikes, Whole Foods, etc. And still we stand strong!

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